Guide to Wardrobes for small rooms

Guide to Wardrobes for small rooms 0

We all want somewhere to store our clothes, however, what if your bedroom is on the small side? While small rooms forever have their challenges, there are several things to bear in mind when picking the wardrobes that are the best fit for your space.

Space-Saving 2-door wardrobe
Whilst it may be tempting to try our 3-door wardrobes, the fact is that they’ll submerge the space you have, making it – rather than the bed – the focal point of the room. Rather, choose furniture that’s suitably sized to the space it will be breathing. A 2-door wardrobe will nevertheless provide plenty of hanging space and picking ones with drawers means you have extra room to put things like jumpers, jeans or linens without using up valuable hanging space.

Blend into Walls
In a small room, a bold piece of furniture versus light walls will stand out, making it seem more significant than needed. Consider painting your walls the corresponding colour as your wardrobe to enable them to blend in seamlessly and present them visually recess from view. Our Bishop collection are painted in a farrow and ball grey, the perfect colour for a tranquil space.

Keep it Light and Airy
Alternatively to painting your walls the equal colour as your wardrobe, acknowledge wardrobes painted in a light colour, like our Essex 2 Door Wardrobe. If used with the matching bed frame and bedside tables, it will formulate a harmonious look throughout, presenting the room to seem larger than it is.

Bonus Storage Space
Lastly, don’t forget to utilise the space on top of your wardrobe. Pick some engaging woven baskets to store out-of-season clothes or attractive vintage luggage loaded with additional bed linens to get the most of all the space you have.

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Guide to buying a Bed

Guide to buying a Bed 0

Approximately, we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. Sleep is one of the most essential things we require for our well-being and there’s little suspense the intense effect it has when we don’t get plenty of it. We can’t focus, we fall ill more frequently, we can get overwhelmed more easily or emotionally stressed without adequate sleep, not to consider getting up with aches and pains all over. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a bed, it’s vitally significant we consider all the factors required to make, what is generally an investment purchase, a secure one.

As with many things, you must always purchase the best you can afford, particularly regarding your bed should endure the best part of a decade. However aside from your budget, what factors should you be considering before choosing to buy?

How to Choose A Mattress
Comfort is crucial when it comes to choosing a mattress. Whether you want something a little more firm or fancy a softer mattress will rely on you and your sleeping habits. Evidently, you desire something that is soft enough to fall into but firm enough to hold your entire body. What position do you notice is most conducive to sleep? If it’s on your front, you may aspire to choose something a scarce softer. If it’s on your back, a firmer support may be wanted. Side sleeper? Possibly somewhere in between. Be mindful of the pressure points of your most comfortable position and choose respectively. The more contact and support the mattress possesses on your whole body, the less stress you’ll possess on those pressure points.

Do you share a bed beside someone else? Be certain there’s plenty of room for the both of you. Similar to the quality, you should buy the largest bed you can. The extra room you and your partner hold to sleep, the more comfortable you both will be, attempting to get a good night’s sleep and the less interrupted the sleep will be when your partner is fidgeting. Did you know that almost all double beds provide less space per person than a single mattress supplies one person with? If you’re sharing, the minimum size you should be taking home is a King size. Though, if you have space, go for a Super King. It will give considerably more room overall for each of you.

How to Choose a Bed Frame
Likewise, if you waste time picking the ideal mattress for you, if you choose a cheap or inadequate bed to go with it, you may be denying all of your efforts. A high-quality mattress will depreciate on an unsupportive base, making it difficult.

All our beds are crafted with high-quality, durable oak slats which will support your mattress, contributing for a much better night’s sleep. Divan and upholstered bases can additionally be the ideal support for spring mattresses as both components will complement one another.

For every bedroom, the bed is usually the first thing that you see, as it takes up the most part of the room, so your eye will automatically fix itself on this first. A stunning bed will form a focal point for your space no matter what your style is, so choose wisely!

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Guide to Nesting Tables

Guide to Nesting Tables 0

A collection of nesting tables is the perfect space saving device, particularly if your room size is inadequate. You can effortlessly move them about the room depending on your wants, and not have to worry about cluttering up your space. There are so many various styles on offer, and infinite opportunities to decorate them according to your taste.

For a while, the humble nesting table was believed to have gone out of fashion, but we agree to disagree – look no further for our thoughts on how to organize and decorate your own. Once you’ve noticed how versatile they are, they’ll quickly become a staple in your home!


How to arrange nesting tables
When you imagine an assortment of nesting of tables, it’s possible that you’ll first visualize them in a living room position. Nevertheless, there are numerous different places you can use them!

Why not try using them to:
Substitute nightstands in the bedroom
As kid-size surfaces for playrooms
Showcase makeup and your personal products in the bathroom
Provide additional side tables or spare seats in the living room

Picture this right, you’ve got comfy on the sofa for a relaxing Sunday evening read. Favourite book in your hand, freshly prepared hot chocolate steaming beside you. Exactly when you’re getting cosy, your hot chocolate finishes all over your book. While you don’t have plenty of room to place all your items away safely, it’s a disaster waiting to happen (we’ve all been there, haven't we!). Why not try adjusting your nesting tables in a stepped format, therefore, you’re not taking up heaps of space but you’ve still got lots of separate surfaces to work with.

One of the numerous things concerning space-saving furniture; you can arrange for them to accommodate any occasion. Got some friends coming round? There is no need to agonize about where they can put the many hot drinks you serve them as you’re setting the world to rights – just distribute out your nest of tables and position everyone around the room for easy-access drinks and bites. When you’re done relaxing, simply pop them back in the nest to go back to an insignificant, clean look.


How to decorate with nesting tables
Frequently the purpose for utilizing a set of nesting tables is to conserve space, yet how can you secure your part of the design without simply making the room appear cluttered? When it comes to decorating your items, the solution is in the details - but attaining a convenient corner where the tables can be used whilst not standing in the way is the biggest difficulty. Then, it’s time to get imaginative with beautiful statement lamps, coffee table books, or other ornaments that you’ve accumulated. This way, you’ll guarantee that they will enhance a feature in itself, and not just a practicality.

As much as we do desire (and need!) the everyday functionality, decorating with nesting tables is an exceptional opportunity to consolidate style and substance, both together. A shortage of space and furniture can so frequently be a cause of distress when it comes to interior design. Limited space = fewer opportunities to get inventive, right? Not so! All you’ve got to do is discover how to decorate them. By experimenting a little with your nest of tables, you’ll be shocked at how many diverse ways you can bring a little embellishment to your favourite functional furniture. Something as easy as arranging them in ascending order in conjunction with having them all piled when not in use will add intriguing levels to your room, and from there it’s up to you with how you beautify them!


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Colours With Oak Furniture

Colours With Oak Furniture 0

Whether you’ve recently invested in some sparkling new oak furniture for your home or you’re preparing a style overhaul, knowing which colours work with oak is critical.

At Oak Direct, we’ve had tonnes of practice (and fun!) decorating rooms to match and show off our ideal kind of wood, and we aspire to share what we’ve learnt with yourself.

What colours go with oak?

Trust us when we say, any shade can go with oak furniture, it’s one of the reasons it’s so handy! Oak furniture doesn’t just come in one tone; you can get dark oak furniture, golden oak furniture, light oak furniture, two-tone oak furniture and the list carries on! The vast variety of oak wood gives you endless opportunities for lovely and extraordinary colour matches – which is exceptional because you nevermore have to rule out a colour you love.

Choosing the best colour to match your oak furniture all depends on whether you want to highlight or accent your oak furniture, or whether you would like it to blend in more with the décor. So it’s not really about picking yellow or blue, it’s more about finding the right shade and tone of the colour you love to create the effect you desire.

Choosing Colours to Accent Oak Furniture

If you love your oak furniture as we do, and you want to make it seem more prominent and colourful in your room stick to cool colours like grey and bone. These colours lie at the counter end of the colour disk to oak, so they will always make your furniture stand out and look more distinguished. Choosing colours that are a few hues lighter or darker than the wood also adds to the different influence.

Oak Direct Aspen Dark Sideboard
Picking Colours to Blend With Oak Furniture

If you are looking to offset your oak furniture and create more of a subtle, peaceful décor opt for a warm colour palette. Warm hues will always blend well and applaud your oak furniture. Keeping the depth of the colour related to the grain of wood adds to the seamless effect while choosing tones that are somewhat darker or lighter than your furniture stops a room from looking dull.

So, that’s the technical no-how colour choosing done, now for the fun bit, the visuals!

Oak Furniture With White

It may be the obvious choice for your oak furniture, but white is a fantastic canvas on which you can experiment and build. There are many shades of white to support the many shades of oak furniture. Creamy white, bone, are all great with dark, light & honey-coloured oak.

Choosing white as the main force for accessories or soft furnishings in space will keep things looking new.

Shades of white can either accent or blend with your furniture depending on whether you go for warm creams or cool ivories. White is an excellent choice for any room, though it works exceptionally well for multi-functional spaces as it helps to create the idea of space.

Oak Direct White Furniture With Oak

Oak Furniture With Grey

Grey works well with most kinds of oak, but in our opinion, it is particularly lovely with lighter, blonder, oak furniture. This fresh colour will instantly modernise any room!

Oak Furniture With Shades of Blue

Light blue, dark blue, turquoise – we adore all of them! This smart tone not only works well with oak furniture but also in the types of rooms around your house.

Oak Furniture With Green

Olive green in all shades looks excellent with oak furniture. Green is of course, compatible with nature, so it’s fantastic if you would like to introduce the vast outdoors into your home.

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Oak Furniture In The Bedroom For Couples

Oak Furniture In The Bedroom For Couples 0

Whether you are wanting a film to watch tonight or deciding whether Indian or Chinese is the takeaway from the decision, relationships are all about understanding. This compromise will probably go far beyond the day-to-day choices and extend to how you enhance the home you share, including your most intimate refuge, the bedroom.

As the place you will both retreat to in the night or begin each new day, getting the idea right so that it’s a place you both love is crucial. Our post today will share tips on getting sure you are both represented in your design styles and learning how to make those all-important bargainings along the way.

Portland Painted Oak Bed

So, first things first: Of course, everyone is inconsistent and while we’ll be referencing some common gender stereotypes in this post, it doesn’t mean that the advice won’t apply to same-sex couples or heterosexual couples where the man loves the floral design and the woman loves straight lines and simple shapes. People are different no matter what and sometimes want entirely different things when it comes to their scheme choices.

Rather than insist you want 50 metres of floral chintz circling the bed, consider instead what feeling you want the room to evoke. Is it romantic? Is it calm? Is it energetic and creative? Talking about emotions and feelings rather than specific design choices may allow you to find shared ground.

Hampshire Oak Furniture

Consider colours you both love as a compromise to the design. For instance, my other half detests pink walls, but he’s okay with me having a few blush cushions on the bed. This way, I get my shot of female colour, and he doesn’t feel inundated that space doesn’t represent his refinements.

Consider using neutrals for the walls but bring in tones in other ways. Perhaps he loves collecting exciting art pieces or is holding on to some collections from his fresher days. Smaller accessories will add character, colour and a diverse touch that will make every apartment unique.

You’ll also want to be specific about your options. If you say you want a tufted headboard and your spouse is picturing a crushed velvet number with buttons, you may be speaking two different dialects. Go to Pinterest and show each other examples of rooms where your chosen look is well performed.

Communication is always crucial when it comes to making decisions together. The better you are at talking with each other, the far less likely there are to dispute along the way.

When it comes to compromising on décor decisions, I would always advise starting off the room with the most notable pieces (for instance, the bed or the wardrobes) in neutral colours or finishes. Using items that neither of your objects to builds a foundation upon which to develop your design.

It’s far simpler to add a flamboyant lamp to a simple bedside table than it is to add a pure light to a flashy table. If the base pieces read more muscular in design, combining feminine touches as accents create a more balanced space.

If he’s desirous for a TV in a room and you dislike the idea of a big box in the space, then perhaps its time to let go of the reigns a bit. Let him choose his TV, but maybe you get to select the item of furniture that it sits on.

Oak Direct Bedroom Furniture

Figure out what’s important to you and honour that the other person will want to have a say in the design method. You will both need to make settlements that mean the result represents both of your preferences.

Sometimes you just have to pick your battles and realize your partners’ sorrow isn’t worth you getting your way. After all, you both have to exist in the space, so it’s much better to have a peaceful room that you both believe represented in rather than winning a quarrel with hurt on either side.

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Is Your Garden Ready To Enjoy The Sun In?

Is Your Garden Ready To Enjoy The Sun In? 0

We might just get some good sun come too early July. And when we do, you will be aspiring to invest as a lot of it as is feasible in your garden. Whether you want to lounge in sunlight, play with your children, or amuse friends, your garden should be looking it is best. Follow our helpful tips and hints to make sure your garden is looking the business enterprise this summer.

The Basics

Now it isn't the most attractive of jobs if you hate it or maybe don't possess time for this, get you to help. But, weeding, pruning and cutting your grass is an essential part of owning a garden and can encourage it to look its best when you come to invest time there.


What I like about planters, is the flexibleness. It's the capability to go it about and 'style' your garden, like everyone else, might use terrarium planters in your house. Blend and organise shades and textures, and levels, and group consequently. Sometimes you will have to hang on until you complete them with crops to observe how they compliment mutually.

Solar Powered Lighting

There are an incredible number of solar light products on the marketplace right now, all at different price details, so you haven't any excuses as it pertains to locating something exquisite for your space. The light will considerably change just how your garden appears and seems in the fading light and produce the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.

Water Feature

There's something so comforting and tranquil about adding a water fountain to your garden. They come in every sizes and shape, numerous being solar-powered now so no dependence on clunky wiring.


Well, this is crucial if you wish to amuse, and although you may just love your morning hours brew in sunlight. Choose something that suits your space and design of your garden.


We've described many various ways above that you'll deliver in the shade to your garden in an all natural way. Nevertheless, you may prefer to be a bit more manipulated in planning the way the colour will continue to work in the look. Choose two main colourings and a third accent shade and mix them into stuff like the planters, seats, accessories and light.


Therefore finally, accessories. As stated above, use lamps and more to include flair and personality to space. You don't need to do everything simultaneously, add a little bit each year, and you will quickly learn to view it all get-together!
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