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Creating A Focal Point In Your Home

Creating A Focal Point In Your Home 0

Creating or making the best use of a focal point is crucial when you’re designing your room scheme. A central point is one particular feature of conception; that draws the eye towards it. It stands out and says, ‘look at me’ and you can’t help but look. Often it’s an existing point within the room, such as a fireplace or bay window, but often we need to create our focal points from key furniture pieces, soft furnishings or accessories. Once you've got the hang of it, it’s simple, and you’ll find yourself instinctively doing it as part of your interior design.

The Importance of Having a Focal Point:

Developing a point within a room, that attracts attention, is a good way of bringing the ‘wow’ factor into your scheme. A space that lacks a focal point can be forgettable, common and lack a cohesive theme. A focal point doesn’t require to be expensive or huge in its essence either; the smallest trinket can be just as appealing and memorable. The focal point of the room will often help hold the scheme together. It can explain the story of that scheme instantly, giving it structure and meaning, and helping us identify what the scheme says. Designing a point like this is well worth investing in, and will give your room extra appeal.

How to Create a Focal Point:

So how exactly do you start creating a focal point? Well, it’s not that complex. Quite often there might be a feature in the room that is, of course, going to be the focal point of the plan. It might be a fireplace, or your dining room table or maybe even the headboard in your bedroom. If nothing jumps out at you as being the central point, don’t despair, it’s simple to create one too.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to do, or how to plan your focal point, hopefully, the following examples below will give you some ideas.

Fireplace Focal Point

Dining Room Focal Point

Artwork Focal Point

Bedroom Focal Point

  • Lindsey Brown Burden
Adding A Touch Of Luxury To Your Home

Adding A Touch Of Luxury To Your Home 0

While most of us would love to live in an expensive fancy home, there are very few of us that have the funds to do so. Well, there are plenty of little tips you can apply to make your house look more expensive – without emptying your pockets!

Swap out light fixtures

Replace that dull light Luxury Dining Roomfitting with something a bit more dramatic and immediately raise the characterization of the entire room. Consider auctions, eBay and thrift shops for a vintage fitting (make sure to have an electrician check the wiring) to save some money.

Neutrals For Your Large Pieces

Ever notice that houses decorated by designers use lots and lots of neutrals? While you can add colour with your accessories, keep the larger pieces like sofas in a neutral colours maximise it’s longevity, allowing it to fit comfortably into your design, no matter what your style is.

Line Your Curtains

While breezy, light curtains are excellent for summer, once the cooler weather sets in, having your curtains lined adds substance and luxury to inexpensive curtains. If you are handy with a sewing, you could easily do this yourself but if not, a friend may be able to help you out. There are also lots of ready made lined curtains on the market that can do the job just as perfectly!

High And Wide Curtains

Keeping on the subject of curtains, hanging them right up to the ceiling and slightly wider than the edges of the windows gives the illusion of larger windows, a higher ceiling and a loftier and a general feel of grandness. It’s a smart trick that’s easily done – just make sure your curtains reach all the way to the floor. Never buy curtains that don’t touch the floor – it will immediately cheapen your decor and destroy the illusion of height.


Changing out old, worn tile from your bathroom and kitchen doesn't need to be expensive. By using affordable metro tiles, you can instantly refresh the entire look and feel of a room.

Add Moulding to Walls

This works especially well in older properties, but you can also add height and interest to your walls even in newer properties by using wood trim to create a rich look.

Add Coving or Cornice to Your Ceilings

Adding those all important architectural features make a room stand out. Adding coving to the gap between walls and ceiling instantly trims out space and elevates the look of the room. Whether you choose the more expensive decorative cornice in plaster or simple and inexpensive polystyrene coving, there’s no doubting the feeling of luxury can be accomplished on any budget.

Display Fresh Flowers

There's no need to spend huge amounts of cash to add luxury to your home. A simple, inexpensive bouquet from the supermarket can be all you need to add sophistication. just split up the bouquet by stem type and create various small arrangements to dot around your home.

  • Lindsey Brown Burden
Great Ways To Make A Bathroom Feel Bigger!

Great Ways To Make A Bathroom Feel Bigger! 0

If like me, you have a tiny bathroom in your home. And you’ll be continually looking for ways to help produce the illusion that it’s larger. You’ll be wanting to maximise storage, add detail and exciting features and make it light and warming, all while trying to keep its function and practicality. It’s not always a simple task but I’ve had lots of practice with this over the past years so thought I’d share some of my tried and tested methods to help you!


Colour can Large bathroommake a tremendous difference, and not just the colour but the kind of paint as well. For smaller rooms, where light is sometimes a problem maybe invest in some light reflecting paint. That sort of paint uses a light-reflective technology to reflect light back into the room. Light reflective particles can reflect up to twice as much light, making space seem brighter and more spacious.


This has to be the best trick you can use. Along with the special paint above, bound light around the space with the use of mirrors. Position the biggest one you can see over your sink or vanity unit to give an illusion of extra space and reflect as much of the light as possible. Even if the room is quite dark, this trick can make a huge difference.


If the bathroom is rather small, you might think you need to buy smaller tiles, but you would be mistaken! The smaller the space, the larger your tiles you will want. Instead of breaking up space with the smaller detail you enable the room to feel larger with the adding of larger pieces. Use tiles ideally in one colour or style across the whole room. Give the space a more continuous flow and you’ll soon see how you’ve made you room feel bigger.


This is a difficult one and something that is entirely personal. Many people would tell you to avoid darker colours and in theory, this is pretty accurate. Lighter colours, pastels to tie into this year’s trends, will free up the room, but if you feel you need some impact with colour don’t be scared to add some drama with an accent. Perhaps some dark green or blue, as long as you use some of the other tricks I’ve mentioned above it won’t feel too claustrophobic with your decision.


Everything needs a home in a small bathroom, and the way to achieve this is by smart storage. Even if you can only fit a small cabinet, or maybe some shelves. It will all be welcome and extremely useful, and help to keep your small room feeling neat and tidy.


This is vital. Every few weeks go through your bathroom belongings and throw out anything old and unused. Reorganise, using your storage more efficiently to guarantee your small room doesn’t become overcrowded. The more streamlined, the more you’ll be able to maintain that feeling of calm.

Get Creative

With small rooms, particularly bathrooms, you need to get creative and use your imagination. Use pieces that you wouldn’t usually use for space or function, add colour/storage in ways you might not usually, and create a space that works for you and your family, no matter how big or small the space is.

  • Lindsey Brown Burden
How To Refresh Your Front Door

How To Refresh Your Front Door 0

It’s a part of our house that often gets overlooked and neglected, but the entrance to your living space sets the mood for the rest of your home. Besides, it gives the first impression to any potential buyers, so if you’re placing your house on the market, it’s the first part you want to refresh to get your potential buyers through the front door.
Pleasant front door
So what you can you do to guarantee your front door and more looks its best?

Sweep, Tidy and Declutter

Nothing looks worse than litter and leaves cluttering up the doorway so grab a broom use it in the area regularly to keep it looking nice and tidy. Wipe away all of the cobwebs, dust and dirt that tends to accumulate around the front door, but don’t ignore the pathway that leads there. Ensure you’ve weeded too so everywhere looks fresh.

Add Greenery

Just adding some flower pots and plants to the front door area will instantly give it a lift, and help feel more welcoming and warm. No matter where you live, there will be room for one or two, and they make an immense amount of difference. Even if you have no area, you can always add a hanging basket.

Spruce up Boundaries

As well as adding plants and plant pots to the doorway, take a long look at your boundaries. Do you have overgrown bushes or shrubs? Is your fencing looking a little worn? If the answer is yes, then paint or replace to ensure your boundaries are looking their best.


Treat your front door a makeover and immediately transform the space. If you’re trying to sell, keep the colour neutral, otherwise, inject your personality into your choices.


Add a front door light at the very least, to ensure visitors to your house can find their way to the front door easily in the dark. There are lots of styles so find one to suit you, and install a sensor to pick up movement too.

Do Up Your Porch

If you’re lucky enough to own a porch area, make sure it’s neat and tidy and decluttered. If you use it to store shoes and coats, add some useful storage to keep everything under control.

Door Numbers

Make sure you have clear door numbers so your visitors and postman can easily find you. There are numerous stylish ways you can do this from painted numbers, glassed etched and acrylics. Choose one that suits the style of your home and ensures it’s easy to read from the road.


It’s the last piece, but often one that’s missed. Doormats can become downtrodden, miserable and sometimes soggy, so replacing them regularly is an easy way to refresh the entrance to your home and a perfect way to welcome guests.
  • Lindsey Brown Burden
Making Your Garden Ready For The Summer

Making Your Garden Ready For The Summer 0

I'm sure if we cross our fingers and toes for long enough, we may just get some sun this summer. And if we do, you’ll be aspiring to spend as much of it as possible in the garden. Whether you like to lounge in the sun, play with your kids, or entertain friends, your garden will need to be looking it’s best. Follow our handy hints and tips to ensure your garden is looking the business this summer.

Garden For The Summer
The Basics

Now it’s not the most attractive of tasks, and if you hate it or just don’t have time for it, get someone to help. But, weeding, pruning and mowing your grass is a vital part of managing a garden and will encourage it to look its best when you come to spend time there.


What I love about planters, is the flexibility. It’s the ability to move it about and ‘style’ your garden, just like you might use terrarium planters in your home. Blend and coordinate colours and textures, and heights, and group accordingly. Sometimes you’ll need to wait until you fill them with plants to see how they compliment together.

Solar Powered Lighting

There are millions of solar light products on the market right now, all at different price points, so you have no excuses when it comes to finding something perfect for your space. Lighting will drastically change the way your garden looks and feels in the fading light and produce the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.

Water Feature

There’s something so relaxing and tranquil about adding a water feature to your garden. They come in all shapes and sizes, with many being solar-powered now so no need for clunky wiring.


Well, this is critical if you want to entertain, and even if you just love having your morning brew in the sun. Choose something that suits your space and style of your garden.


We’ve mentioned many different ways above that you will deliver in colour to your garden in a natural way. But you may like to be a little more controlled in planning how the colour will work in the design. Decide on two main colours and then a third accent colour and blend them into items like the planters, seating, accessories and lighting.


And so finally, accessorise. As mentioned above, use lighting and more to add flair and character to space. You don’t have to do it all at once, add a bit each year, and you’ll quickly start to see it all come together!

  • Lindsey Brown Burden
Adding Beauty To A Room

Adding Beauty To A Room 0

We view our homes as a haven and a place to get away from the cares of the world. It should be beautiful, relaxing and well organised for us to get the most really out of our surroundings and create the sort of environment where our families and we thrive. So combining a few touches of beauty in each room should be our aim and it’s not actually as difficult or expensive as we may think.

Oak Furniture Room

So today, I thought I’d share eight ideas to produce beautiful moments in your home that don’t test your budget and are easy to accomplish. Shall we get started?

Plants And Flowers

It’s finally the time of year when I can finally step into my small garden and choose from some fresh blooms and branches to brighten my home. Having life around your house by way of plants and flowers is an excellent way to deliver the beauty of nature indoors. If you lack a garden, a reasonable bouquet from the supermarket can be split up, settled into small containers and arranged in various areas.

Organise Your Books

It may appear strange and book lovers may consider it a bit OTT, but organising your books by the colour of their jacket can make any bookcase look well planned out and pulled together.

Display Moments

Any well-styled space will have thought behind those precious little items we like to keep on display. Only covering surfaces with these things will never look as lovely as when they are more considered. Alternate your heights, sizes and textures for the most attractive displays and-and use books to add height. A few flowers (as in my first tip) never go amiss either.

Collect Art You Adore

Being encompassed by art you love rather than just choosing pieces that match a colour scheme is a brilliant way to inject personality into space and the investment will never be wasted if you love it. Consider a feature wall to create energy over a large span of space.

Sense Of Smell

When decorating, it’s so necessary to engage all the senses but the one that’s frequently forgotten is our sense of smell. Adding room scents has the power to change the whole spirit of space, so consider an aromatic candle, burning oils or incense. Even a small lavender essential oil on cotton wool rubbed on light bulbs will release a wonderful relaxing scent.

Book Shelves

While shelving is a fabulous way to keep organised, create elegance in your home by using beautiful boxes and baskets and leave small bits of room throughout the shelves to inject personal objects that give a space character.

Make Your Bed

This is such an easy one but multiple people neglect to do it in the dash to get out the door in the morning. Making your bed immediately creates an organised air to your room and it’s something I try to do every single day.

Inject Some Colour

Want to brighten up a neutral space? The best way to achieve this is by adding small suggestions of colour. You don’t have to have a rainbow of tones to achieve a gorgeous space. Keep to a limited palette, consider adding a few accessories to complement the overall feel your going for.

  • Lindsey Brown Burden