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Guide to Nesting Tables

Guide to Nesting Tables 0

A collection of nesting tables is the perfect space saving device, particularly if your room size is inadequate. You can effortlessly move them about the room depending on your wants, and not have to worry about cluttering up your space. There are so many various styles on offer, and infinite opportunities to decorate them according to your taste.

For a while, the humble nesting table was believed to have gone out of fashion, but we agree to disagree – look no further for our thoughts on how to organize and decorate your own. Once you’ve noticed how versatile they are, they’ll quickly become a staple in your home!


How to arrange nesting tables
When you imagine an assortment of nesting of tables, it’s possible that you’ll first visualize them in a living room position. Nevertheless, there are numerous different places you can use them!

Why not try using them to:
Substitute nightstands in the bedroom
As kid-size surfaces for playrooms
Showcase makeup and your personal products in the bathroom
Provide additional side tables or spare seats in the living room

Picture this right, you’ve got comfy on the sofa for a relaxing Sunday evening read. Favourite book in your hand, freshly prepared hot chocolate steaming beside you. Exactly when you’re getting cosy, your hot chocolate finishes all over your book. While you don’t have plenty of room to place all your items away safely, it’s a disaster waiting to happen (we’ve all been there, haven't we!). Why not try adjusting your nesting tables in a stepped format, therefore, you’re not taking up heaps of space but you’ve still got lots of separate surfaces to work with.

One of the numerous things concerning space-saving furniture; you can arrange for them to accommodate any occasion. Got some friends coming round? There is no need to agonize about where they can put the many hot drinks you serve them as you’re setting the world to rights – just distribute out your nest of tables and position everyone around the room for easy-access drinks and bites. When you’re done relaxing, simply pop them back in the nest to go back to an insignificant, clean look.


How to decorate with nesting tables
Frequently the purpose for utilizing a set of nesting tables is to conserve space, yet how can you secure your part of the design without simply making the room appear cluttered? When it comes to decorating your items, the solution is in the details - but attaining a convenient corner where the tables can be used whilst not standing in the way is the biggest difficulty. Then, it’s time to get imaginative with beautiful statement lamps, coffee table books, or other ornaments that you’ve accumulated. This way, you’ll guarantee that they will enhance a feature in itself, and not just a practicality.

As much as we do desire (and need!) the everyday functionality, decorating with nesting tables is an exceptional opportunity to consolidate style and substance, both together. A shortage of space and furniture can so frequently be a cause of distress when it comes to interior design. Limited space = fewer opportunities to get inventive, right? Not so! All you’ve got to do is discover how to decorate them. By experimenting a little with your nest of tables, you’ll be shocked at how many diverse ways you can bring a little embellishment to your favourite functional furniture. Something as easy as arranging them in ascending order in conjunction with having them all piled when not in use will add intriguing levels to your room, and from there it’s up to you with how you beautify them!


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Is Your Garden Ready To Enjoy The Sun In?

Is Your Garden Ready To Enjoy The Sun In? 0

We might just get some good sun come too early July. And when we do, you will be aspiring to invest as a lot of it as is feasible in your garden. Whether you want to lounge in sunlight, play with your children, or amuse friends, your garden should be looking it is best. Follow our helpful tips and hints to make sure your garden is looking the business enterprise this summer.

The Basics

Now it isn't the most attractive of jobs if you hate it or maybe don't possess time for this, get you to help. But, weeding, pruning and cutting your grass is an essential part of owning a garden and can encourage it to look its best when you come to invest time there.


What I like about planters, is the flexibleness. It's the capability to go it about and 'style' your garden, like everyone else, might use terrarium planters in your house. Blend and organise shades and textures, and levels, and group consequently. Sometimes you will have to hang on until you complete them with crops to observe how they compliment mutually.

Solar Powered Lighting

There are an incredible number of solar light products on the marketplace right now, all at different price details, so you haven't any excuses as it pertains to locating something exquisite for your space. The light will considerably change just how your garden appears and seems in the fading light and produce the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.

Water Feature

There's something so comforting and tranquil about adding a water fountain to your garden. They come in every sizes and shape, numerous being solar-powered now so no dependence on clunky wiring.


Well, this is crucial if you wish to amuse, and although you may just love your morning hours brew in sunlight. Choose something that suits your space and design of your garden.


We've described many various ways above that you'll deliver in the shade to your garden in an all natural way. Nevertheless, you may prefer to be a bit more manipulated in planning the way the colour will continue to work in the look. Choose two main colourings and a third accent shade and mix them into stuff like the planters, seats, accessories and light.


Therefore finally, accessories. As stated above, use lamps and more to include flair and personality to space. You don't need to do everything simultaneously, add a little bit each year, and you will quickly learn to view it all get-together!
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How To Utilize Unused Loft Space

How To Utilize Unused Loft Space 0

If you’re lucky enough to possess a large attic space in your home, you may have thought about converting it into a more usable space. Over the last few years, many of us have preferred to stay put instead of moving due to the challenging economy, but as families grow we find we need more space. There are numerous large home improvement projects we can try to increase the size of our houses, but converting the loft tends to be the more popular choice. And often the simplest.

Loft Conversion

Additional Bedroom

One of the most common ways to use the additional space is to create an extra bedroom. As the family grows, not having adequate bedroom space for kids places the highest demand on our homes, so converting this available space is the ideal solution. You will have to consider if you have adequate headroom when you renovate, and once you add in supports and flooring that space diminishes further. A bedroom needs proper storage of course, and sloping ceilings don’t tend to lend themselves to wardrobes so you may need to have the purpose built cupboards installed.

Kids Playroom

If you’re overrun by children’s toys and equipment in the rest of your home, or if your children are growing up and need somewhere to hang out with friends, then converting the area into a den or playroom is the perfect way to keep the disorder and noise tidily tucked away. If the kids’ bedrooms aren’t that spacious, and they want room for sleepovers, adding sofa beds and bean bags is an excellent solution, and your children will love their private resort.

Home Office

More of us are working from home nowadays, I included! And if, like me, you don’t have a dedicated office but do have an untouched attic, think if it would make a good workspace for you. Perhaps you’ve longed to start your own business and needed space to work. The loft could be the solution

Spare Room and En-Suite

If your living space is full, but you still need space for guests and overnight visitors, again, converting the attic into an extra room or possibly a further bathroom could be the answer. You’ll need to consult the experts if you’re going to fit a bathroom. Putting in stairs will impact the space on the floor underneath, and while there are many ways to do it, you’ll need to find one that is practical and works for you and your family.

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How To Work From Home Effectively

How To Work From Home Effectively 0

Working from home is something countless people fancy, and I know from my own experience how great it is, but also what some of the downsides are. I know how tough it can be when there’s no room for an actual office, and your workspace is right in the middle of the living area. I know how difficult it can be to divide work from the free time. And I also know a couple of things about how to make it all work. So, if you’re working from your home, struggling with working from home or imagining working from home, then carry on reading.

No matter Home Officehow small your home is, you will need to assign a space to your job. Working from your sofa is just not an option for the long run. Even the smallest tables will help when planning your work and day. The same goes for your attire. Of course, I'm not saying you should wear a suit; that would defeat the point of working from home. However, it's essential that you are equipped for the working day. For me, that means taking a shower/bath, have coffee and breakfast, putting clothes on and even makeup. You’d be shocked how much difference it makes to your mindset.

Treat your workday the same as you would if you were still working in the office. I know, this might seem firm, after all, it may be this rigorous approach which led you to want to leave your actual office environment in the first place. However, once you've gotten used to it, you will be able to build a looser structure without neglecting your work responsibilities. This will take some time and take getting used to. So, set your lunch hour, try not to get distracted by household tasks.

Keep an organised desk. I know, this might seem an obvious statement, but when you do work from home, you’ll be shocked how quickly you can find yourself sinking in paperwork. Make sure you have a filing rule somewhere in your house. It doesn’t need to be right on your desk, but you will need to sort away paperwork at least once a week to keep your head and home free.

Remember, your workspace can be created anywhere in your home, the bedroom, which might be the calmest room in your home, the living room or even in a large hallway. The critical thing is that that small space is completely dedicated to your tasks. If you’re lucky enough to have something an attic or an unused room, then you’ve hit the jackpot!

Keep your work hours and free time divided. Signal the end of your working day by shutting down your computer, going for a walk, meeting friends, cooking, etc. Change your clothes. Do what you would do if you just got home from the office. Enjoy your free time and relax.

Hopefully, these tips will be useful to you, and you will be able to enjoy working from home.

  • Lindsey Brown Burden
Creating A Focal Point In Your Home

Creating A Focal Point In Your Home 0

Creating or making the best use of a focal point is crucial when you’re designing your room scheme. A central point is one particular feature of conception; that draws the eye towards it. It stands out and says, ‘look at me’ and you can’t help but look. Often it’s an existing point within the room, such as a fireplace or bay window, but often we need to create our focal points from key furniture pieces, soft furnishings or accessories. Once you've got the hang of it, it’s simple, and you’ll find yourself instinctively doing it as part of your interior design.

The Importance of Having a Focal Point:

Developing a point within a room, that attracts attention, is a good way of bringing the ‘wow’ factor into your scheme. A space that lacks a focal point can be forgettable, common and lack a cohesive theme. A focal point doesn’t require to be expensive or huge in its essence either; the smallest trinket can be just as appealing and memorable. The focal point of the room will often help hold the scheme together. It can explain the story of that scheme instantly, giving it structure and meaning, and helping us identify what the scheme says. Designing a point like this is well worth investing in, and will give your room extra appeal.

How to Create a Focal Point:

So how exactly do you start creating a focal point? Well, it’s not that complex. Quite often there might be a feature in the room that is, of course, going to be the focal point of the plan. It might be a fireplace, or your dining room table or maybe even the headboard in your bedroom. If nothing jumps out at you as being the central point, don’t despair, it’s simple to create one too.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to do, or how to plan your focal point, hopefully, the following examples below will give you some ideas.

Fireplace Focal Point

Dining Room Focal Point

Artwork Focal Point

Bedroom Focal Point

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Adding A Touch Of Luxury To Your Home

Adding A Touch Of Luxury To Your Home 0

While most of us would love to live in an expensive fancy home, there are very few of us that have the funds to do so. Well, there are plenty of little tips you can apply to make your house look more expensive – without emptying your pockets!

Swap out light fixtures

Replace that dull light Luxury Dining Roomfitting with something a bit more dramatic and immediately raise the characterization of the entire room. Consider auctions, eBay and thrift shops for a vintage fitting (make sure to have an electrician check the wiring) to save some money.

Neutrals For Your Large Pieces

Ever notice that houses decorated by designers use lots and lots of neutrals? While you can add colour with your accessories, keep the larger pieces like sofas in a neutral colours maximise it’s longevity, allowing it to fit comfortably into your design, no matter what your style is.

Line Your Curtains

While breezy, light curtains are excellent for summer, once the cooler weather sets in, having your curtains lined adds substance and luxury to inexpensive curtains. If you are handy with a sewing, you could easily do this yourself but if not, a friend may be able to help you out. There are also lots of ready made lined curtains on the market that can do the job just as perfectly!

High And Wide Curtains

Keeping on the subject of curtains, hanging them right up to the ceiling and slightly wider than the edges of the windows gives the illusion of larger windows, a higher ceiling and a loftier and a general feel of grandness. It’s a smart trick that’s easily done – just make sure your curtains reach all the way to the floor. Never buy curtains that don’t touch the floor – it will immediately cheapen your decor and destroy the illusion of height.


Changing out old, worn tile from your bathroom and kitchen doesn't need to be expensive. By using affordable metro tiles, you can instantly refresh the entire look and feel of a room.

Add Moulding to Walls

This works especially well in older properties, but you can also add height and interest to your walls even in newer properties by using wood trim to create a rich look.

Add Coving or Cornice to Your Ceilings

Adding those all important architectural features make a room stand out. Adding coving to the gap between walls and ceiling instantly trims out space and elevates the look of the room. Whether you choose the more expensive decorative cornice in plaster or simple and inexpensive polystyrene coving, there’s no doubting the feeling of luxury can be accomplished on any budget.

Display Fresh Flowers

There's no need to spend huge amounts of cash to add luxury to your home. A simple, inexpensive bouquet from the supermarket can be all you need to add sophistication. just split up the bouquet by stem type and create various small arrangements to dot around your home.

  • Lindsey Brown Burden