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Guide to Wardrobes for small rooms

Guide to Wardrobes for small rooms 0

We all want somewhere to store our clothes, however, what if your bedroom is on the small side? While small rooms forever have their challenges, there are several things to bear in mind when picking the wardrobes that are the best fit for your space.

Space-Saving 2-door wardrobe
Whilst it may be tempting to try our 3-door wardrobes, the fact is that they’ll submerge the space you have, making it – rather than the bed – the focal point of the room. Rather, choose furniture that’s suitably sized to the space it will be breathing. A 2-door wardrobe will nevertheless provide plenty of hanging space and picking ones with drawers means you have extra room to put things like jumpers, jeans or linens without using up valuable hanging space.

Blend into Walls
In a small room, a bold piece of furniture versus light walls will stand out, making it seem more significant than needed. Consider painting your walls the corresponding colour as your wardrobe to enable them to blend in seamlessly and present them visually recess from view. Our Bishop collection are painted in a farrow and ball grey, the perfect colour for a tranquil space.

Keep it Light and Airy
Alternatively to painting your walls the equal colour as your wardrobe, acknowledge wardrobes painted in a light colour, like our Essex 2 Door Wardrobe. If used with the matching bed frame and bedside tables, it will formulate a harmonious look throughout, presenting the room to seem larger than it is.

Bonus Storage Space
Lastly, don’t forget to utilise the space on top of your wardrobe. Pick some engaging woven baskets to store out-of-season clothes or attractive vintage luggage loaded with additional bed linens to get the most of all the space you have.

  • Lindsey Brown Burden
Guide to buying a Bed

Guide to buying a Bed 0

Approximately, we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. Sleep is one of the most essential things we require for our well-being and there’s little suspense the intense effect it has when we don’t get plenty of it. We can’t focus, we fall ill more frequently, we can get overwhelmed more easily or emotionally stressed without adequate sleep, not to consider getting up with aches and pains all over. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a bed, it’s vitally significant we consider all the factors required to make, what is generally an investment purchase, a secure one.

As with many things, you must always purchase the best you can afford, particularly regarding your bed should endure the best part of a decade. However aside from your budget, what factors should you be considering before choosing to buy?

How to Choose A Mattress
Comfort is crucial when it comes to choosing a mattress. Whether you want something a little more firm or fancy a softer mattress will rely on you and your sleeping habits. Evidently, you desire something that is soft enough to fall into but firm enough to hold your entire body. What position do you notice is most conducive to sleep? If it’s on your front, you may aspire to choose something a scarce softer. If it’s on your back, a firmer support may be wanted. Side sleeper? Possibly somewhere in between. Be mindful of the pressure points of your most comfortable position and choose respectively. The more contact and support the mattress possesses on your whole body, the less stress you’ll possess on those pressure points.

Do you share a bed beside someone else? Be certain there’s plenty of room for the both of you. Similar to the quality, you should buy the largest bed you can. The extra room you and your partner hold to sleep, the more comfortable you both will be, attempting to get a good night’s sleep and the less interrupted the sleep will be when your partner is fidgeting. Did you know that almost all double beds provide less space per person than a single mattress supplies one person with? If you’re sharing, the minimum size you should be taking home is a King size. Though, if you have space, go for a Super King. It will give considerably more room overall for each of you.

How to Choose a Bed Frame
Likewise, if you waste time picking the ideal mattress for you, if you choose a cheap or inadequate bed to go with it, you may be denying all of your efforts. A high-quality mattress will depreciate on an unsupportive base, making it difficult.

All our beds are crafted with high-quality, durable oak slats which will support your mattress, contributing for a much better night’s sleep. Divan and upholstered bases can additionally be the ideal support for spring mattresses as both components will complement one another.

For every bedroom, the bed is usually the first thing that you see, as it takes up the most part of the room, so your eye will automatically fix itself on this first. A stunning bed will form a focal point for your space no matter what your style is, so choose wisely!

  • Lindsey Brown Burden
Guide to Nesting Tables

Guide to Nesting Tables 0

A collection of nesting tables is the perfect space saving device, particularly if your room size is inadequate. You can effortlessly move them about the room depending on your wants, and not have to worry about cluttering up your space. There are so many various styles on offer, and infinite opportunities to decorate them according to your taste.

For a while, the humble nesting table was believed to have gone out of fashion, but we agree to disagree – look no further for our thoughts on how to organize and decorate your own. Once you’ve noticed how versatile they are, they’ll quickly become a staple in your home!


How to arrange nesting tables
When you imagine an assortment of nesting of tables, it’s possible that you’ll first visualize them in a living room position. Nevertheless, there are numerous different places you can use them!

Why not try using them to:
Substitute nightstands in the bedroom
As kid-size surfaces for playrooms
Showcase makeup and your personal products in the bathroom
Provide additional side tables or spare seats in the living room

Picture this right, you’ve got comfy on the sofa for a relaxing Sunday evening read. Favourite book in your hand, freshly prepared hot chocolate steaming beside you. Exactly when you’re getting cosy, your hot chocolate finishes all over your book. While you don’t have plenty of room to place all your items away safely, it’s a disaster waiting to happen (we’ve all been there, haven't we!). Why not try adjusting your nesting tables in a stepped format, therefore, you’re not taking up heaps of space but you’ve still got lots of separate surfaces to work with.

One of the numerous things concerning space-saving furniture; you can arrange for them to accommodate any occasion. Got some friends coming round? There is no need to agonize about where they can put the many hot drinks you serve them as you’re setting the world to rights – just distribute out your nest of tables and position everyone around the room for easy-access drinks and bites. When you’re done relaxing, simply pop them back in the nest to go back to an insignificant, clean look.


How to decorate with nesting tables
Frequently the purpose for utilizing a set of nesting tables is to conserve space, yet how can you secure your part of the design without simply making the room appear cluttered? When it comes to decorating your items, the solution is in the details - but attaining a convenient corner where the tables can be used whilst not standing in the way is the biggest difficulty. Then, it’s time to get imaginative with beautiful statement lamps, coffee table books, or other ornaments that you’ve accumulated. This way, you’ll guarantee that they will enhance a feature in itself, and not just a practicality.

As much as we do desire (and need!) the everyday functionality, decorating with nesting tables is an exceptional opportunity to consolidate style and substance, both together. A shortage of space and furniture can so frequently be a cause of distress when it comes to interior design. Limited space = fewer opportunities to get inventive, right? Not so! All you’ve got to do is discover how to decorate them. By experimenting a little with your nest of tables, you’ll be shocked at how many diverse ways you can bring a little embellishment to your favourite functional furniture. Something as easy as arranging them in ascending order in conjunction with having them all piled when not in use will add intriguing levels to your room, and from there it’s up to you with how you beautify them!


  • Lindsey Brown Burden
Making Your Home Look Finished

Making Your Home Look Finished 0

So if you’ve had the plasterer or tiler in and possibly the electrician too. You may have put down new flooring or hung fresh wallpaper. You’ve painted the walls, replaced the questionable radiator and the room finally look fabulous again, now that you’ve saved it from its shame before. You may have bought some new furniture or given fresh life to your older pieces. It feels good, right? It sure does.

Living room with homely touches

The odd thing is, so many people just stop there. The walls and floors are done, the new furniture is in the room, but somehow, it lacks a bit of life. Even after all that work, you may want to hold off sharing your room on social media just yet. If you want a place to feel polished and look entirely complete, there are six essential finishing touches you might fancy adding to space to give it that truly completed feel.

Area Rug

You might think the only job an area rug has is preserving the floors from a busy area. But they also give an excuse for you to pull the colours and textures of a space together. They also help to segment spaces in an open plan area and grounds the pieces in a smaller room, making it all look more drawn together.


Lots of bare walls can make a room feel a little unappreciated. Whether you prefer to fill a large wall with a big piece or just have a few single statement pieces, don’t overlook the character that art can bring to your space. Always choose what you love first and pay attention to the colours and how they work in a spaced second. There are loads affordable options out there that there’s no need to postpone this important finishing touch.


Even the most simple cotton curtains will elevate a room and make it look more perfected. They will, of course, grant some privacy but even thinner unlined curtains will filter the light in space very nicely in summer and winter, heavier lined curtains can be a very energy-efficient way to keep a room warm. Always hang your curtains high and wide so that when the curtains are drawn back, the entire window is visible, providing as much light to flow into a room as possible. Make sure they drape all the way to the floor. Ending your curtains at a window sill will make your room look smaller while curtains that reach the floor will give the illusion of height and elevation.


If you have lots of surfaces in your home (think shelves, sideboards, accent tables, a fireplace mantle) that are left empty, your room will feel bare. While I don't recommend stuffing every available space with ‘stuff’ for the sake of it, having a few small groups of items in a display will help space feel like someone lives there. I’m not talking about tossing your clothing around a room or leaving mugs around but deliberate displays – a stack of books, a few table lamps, perhaps a candle. Creating these little display areas are a pleasant way of getting the finished look in a room.

Personal Touches

While area rugs and curtains will make a room seem more elegant, you will want to add your personality to the room as well. Otherwise, it will look like a hotel room, lacking any real soul. You want a place to tell the story of you and to make it feel like home. An excellent way to do this is by showcasing your personality – whether that’s through personal photos, items picked up on your trips, treasures that have been passed down to you from family or friends.


With everything else in place, the last finishing touches any room benefits from is a house plant. They bring a natural touch to your space, bring the outdoors in and give a space some fresh air. Consider suspending plants from the ceiling, dotting smaller plants on shelves or surfaces. If you feel you have bad luck with plants, begin with smaller hardy varieties like snake plants or spider plants.

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Giving Your Coffee Table Life

Giving Your Coffee Table Life 0

Ok, so coffee tables are for, coffee, remote controls, And maybe some nibbles. Right? But hold on, shouldn’t they also look great?

Coffee Table

A coffee table is an excellent excuse to showcase some more of our favourite items in a way that can make the living room look that little bit nicer and cosy. It is the perfect place to have bits that we like to see when we're relaxing.

If you’re contemplating giving your coffee table a bit of a classy look, rather than just using it as a helpful place for keeping your brews and remote, then here are some of the things you should have on it.


Every coffee table should have some literature. And no, I'm not talking about those well-thumbed paperbacks, but large, hardback coffee table books. Depending on your interests, these books could be about black and white photography or cars, interiors or fashion, flowers or architecture. The subjects are wide-ranging enough to have something for everybody. Books are great as accessories in themselves, but also work well as a backdrop/platform for other, smaller decorative accessories.


Especially in the winter months. There’s nothing that says 'home' more than some candles on your coffee table. Even when they're not lit, they give off a lived-in feel that changes a coffee table from being just that to a point where people can gather round for a cosy drink.


Just like any space, it needs some green to induce it to life; a coffee table also needs a little. Any surface that has objects displayed tends to look a bit dead without them. I’m not saying you should run to a florist on a weekly basis to buy an exorbitant bouquet, but checking out the markets for a bargain is always a good idea. If you’re not a fan of flowers, then think of some beautiful (not too big) plant that would suit your style.


When accessorising anything, it’s important to have some pieces that won’t take up too much visual space while making a visual impact. Clear glass accessories are perfect for this because they are see through it means that even the larger items don’t seem too bulky. Glass also manages to give the whole look a refined and elegant touch. If your table is on the smaller side, then think about glass candle holders or a glass vase for your houseplants.


Yes, those bits and bobs you have for no other reason than the fact that you loved them. They don’t serve any special purpose other than being pleasing to look at. These are the things that will give your coffee table personality.


Trays are great additions not only to move your coffee to your table but to group small items collectively. It’s an optical trick: grouping lots of items on a tray will make your table look much tidier and give the impression of a well thought out arrangement.

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Furniture For A Hallway

Furniture For A Hallway 0

The hallway is a consistently neglected area of the house when it comes to furnishings. This shouldn’t be the case as we spend so much of our time moving through it and it’s the first place guests see. Items such as shoes, coats, keys and sports gear can appear to pile up in this space and without suitable storage furniture, things can become messy quickly.

Oak Hallway

With just a few choice pieces of hallway furniture, the area can begin to work much better for you. Invest in a bit of storage, somewhere to sit and special places for all the clutter and your hallway will begin to suite your needs better.

Console Tables

The initial piece of hallway furniture to consider is an Oak Console Table. A console table is a narrow table which is most at home against a wall, maybe with a large wall mirror above. Storage is usually combined into the table with drawers built into the top along with lower shelves.

First produced at the beginning of the 18th Century by French furniture creators, console tables remains just as popular in the 21st Century. They take up very limited floor space and offer an ideal blend of style and practicality.

Our range of console tables is extensive and features a variety of storage options, styles and finishes.

Blanket Box/Chest

If you have the space for it, a chest or slim blanket box (which doubles up as a bench) would both make a great accessory to the hallway area. As well as giving a place to sit when taking off your footwear, the latter serves as a perfect spot to stash shoes and boots.


A mirror is always advantageous when hung near the front door – to give your face a last quick check on the way out, or to put on some last second make-up; neaten up your tie, or style your hair! Hanging a mirror in the hallway can make a small, gloomy space seem immediately brighter and more spacious. To make the most of the available light, position the mirror above a console table and lamp, or below a spotlight.

Investing in hardwood furniture is a smart choice, particularly in a hallway. With people constantly passing through all day, hallway furniture needs to be hardwearing – and you don’t get more hardwearing than Solid Oak Hardwood.

  • Lindsey Brown Burden