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For some, the demand for more storage heralds a significant donation of excavated and unwanted bits and bobs to the local charity store, but there are always pieces to hold on to.

In this post we will take a look at my Top Storage Solutions:

CD/DVD Storage FurnitureFolding Blanket Box

We may be in the digital age but for the keen CD or DVD collector, the question of where to stash your prized possessions is often a difficult one. It’s amazing how quickly they pile up until you resort to making several multi-coloured pillars on the edge of the room because you’ve run out of drawer or shelf space.

Investing in CD/DVD storage furniture can assist you to keep your collection neat and tidy. If you want to see your whole collection at all times, maybe the best option would be to buy a classic bookcase. We stock traditional bookcases in various heights and widths to accommodate any space.

If you’d favour the multicoloured spines to be covered, then a dedicated piece of CD/DVD storage furniture would be perfect.

Display Storage Units

Some items in the home do not serve a specific purpose but warrant being stored and presented properly to make the most of their worth. We all have ornaments, family heirlooms and several curios. If your collection is jumbling up a mantelpiece or windowsill, why not consider a safer and more proper storage solution. Our glazed dressers give you the possibility to save your display items from dust and damage by storing them behind glass.

Blanket Boxes

Some disorder simply needs to be hidden away! In these instances, a chest can be perfect. In most of our ranges, we have a chest or blanket box storage unit to complement any style and finish off your collection.

Blanket boxes can be utilised for pretty much anything. We’ve seen them in use as shoe storage or various sports equipment in the hallway, for sheets and bedding at the bottom of the bed, for toys in the kids’ room, or maybe as a sturdy, multipurpose coffee table in the sitting room.


Selecting the right sideboard for your home is the best way to generate storage space and as a by-product, handy surface space in the dining room. Sideboards come in all varying shapes and sizes, mostly around waist height, which is the ideal height for placing food and drinks for guests.

Our sideboards are designed with functionality and style in mind by our in-house team; we only use sturdy dovetail jointed drawers, all Solid Hardwood Oak.

  • Lindsey Brown Burden
Styling Your Sideboard

Styling Your Sideboard 0

Sideboards are an excellent addition to any home. They can be used in a living room, entrance, the bedroom and add precious storage space. They give a great little (or big) space for things such as CDs, paperwork, hats and scarfs, or table linen, but that isn’t the only thing. They’re also extremely useful for displaying treasured accessories and keeping things handy for quick access.

Here are some pointers on how to style it to achieve different looks. Which look you go for is of course down to your individual taste. I hope they will be helpful.

Hampton Oak Sideboard

A beautiful, large, slightly rustic piece like the Hampton Solid Oak Sideboard just yells for a bohemian style which can be delivered with a display of lots of original and textured accessories. Choose from materials such as wood, stone and coral. The key then is to overlap the elements. Don’t be worried about putting things in front of each other or even on top of each other. Whatever you do, keep them tight together and embrace the natural vibe.

For a sophisticated and somewhat more minimalist look, adhere to some well-chosen and matching pieces. White and black are the classic colours but don’t be scared to liven things up a little with a burst of colour.

Of course, your sideboard might be more used more like a console table like the Bellerose Oak Console Table. This kind of “light design” lends itself to an eclectic look with loads of colourful accessories. This one can be loaded with colours and patterns.

Last but no least, consider what’s around your sideboard. An over scaled piece of artwork can add some drama and give a laid back vibe at the same time. Books stacked onto the sideboard always add interest, make you look intellectual, not that you would need the extra help of course. If you fancy a bit of symmetry, think about adding two lamps or potted plants, one on either end. Symmetry calms the eyes and creates a relaxing environment.

Courant Oak Sideboard

So, these are a few of my tips. Do any of these styles appeals or does your idea of a styled sideboard look totally different?

  • Lindsey Brown Burden