Oak Furniture Care

Oak Furniture Living Room

Oak is a strong and beautiful hardwood, widely used to create a distinctive home and office furniture, from period to contemporary.

The type and characteristics of oak varies hugely, from the gracious and rustic to the smooth, white varieties. Whichever kind you own, by caring for it in the right manner, you will prolong its excellence. 

Oak Furniture Care Tips:

1) Regular light dusting with a fine cloth will serve most of the time.Oak Furniture Care

2) When needed, use a lightly dampened cloth to lift dirt, then lightly buff with a fine, dry cloth.

3) Any spillages should be cleaned up as soon as possible, then wiped with a clean, damp cloth to lift any sticky residue, then dry with a fine cloth. You may also want to polish the surface to renew the lustre if required.

4) At Oak Direct all our oak pieces are finished by hand-wax and lacquer; which reduces the need for polish, which can give an accumulation of wax, which can dull the surface and make it gluey. Always use a high-quality polish. Never use a product that is not specifically for hardwood. If you want to find out more about the waxes and lacquer used check out our blog post on Oak Finishes.

5) If your pieces do develop a build up of residue, many products such as Vernax can strip excess wax. Once/twice a year, depending on how much work your furniture gets.

6) Arrange your furniture away from sources of heat such as radiators, fireplaces, etc. Don't put your furniture in direct sunlight, as this will eventually bleach the exterior. If you have ornaments placed on the surface of your oak furniture, make sure to move them regularly into a different position to avoid discolouration on the surface.

7) Always use place mats and coasters, to prevent scratching, heat rings and water marks. There are products available that can help correct these types of damage, should they occur.

8) Nail polish remover along with similar products should always be kept well away from your oak furniture, as damage from these products will require professional repair.

9) If you own an extending dining table, regularly open it out to its full capacity, to allow the wood to age at a similar rate.

10) If you’re arranging furniture on a hard floor, you may wish to consider fitting felt pads to the parts that have contact with the floor, to minimise scratches.

11) When relocating your furniture, try to avoid dragging it along the floor. Where possible.

By following these simple tips, your furniture will continue to look incredible for you to enjoy for many years to come. Feel free to browse our wide range of Solid Oak Furniture.